7 Ways To Keep Kids Busy (and parents sane)

We love our tiny humans more than anything in the world but sometimes it's hard to keep them busy & focused on one thing at a time.

Here are 7 ideas to keep them entertained:

1. Tune in to Squiz Kids, a weekday podcast for primary aged children that gives a snapshot of the days news in under 8 minutes. Squiz Kids approach their unbiased stories with positivity and humour making it the perfect addition to your daily commute to school.

2. If your child’s too young to read independently, pick up an audio version of their favourite book from Audible. They can sit quietly whilst listening to a friendly voice read to them or better yet use your phone to make a recording that they can play over (and over and over again!)

3. If you are busy cooking or cleaning, let them assist you with a job that they can handle and make sure to tell them what a great little helper they are. For younger kids, that could mean sweeping the kitchen or creating hand written place cards for the family. While older kids could be tasked with setting the table, peeling carrots or washing the dishes.

4. Instead of watching hours of cartoons, have your children make their own. Give them a piece of paper and some crayons, and let their imaginations run wild. Once they’re done they can tell you all about the world they’ve created filled with good guys, bad guys, a pet dinosaur, a fairy princess or a flying car. Who knows what wonders they’ll come up with?

5. There’s still ways to enjoy your favourite family pastimes even from a distance. Museums and zoos around the world are live streaming, with Taronga Zoo offering kids the chance to see otters chase each other, Meerkats play or Elephants cool down by the water LIVE at any time of day.

6. Picnic in the backyard to provide a little variety at lunch time. Lay out a blanket, bring out some cuddly teddy bear friends and enjoy a family feast while your kids play in the Sun.

7. Try to make chores fun by turning tidying up into a challenge. Whoever can pick up the most toys/clothes etc from the floor and put them away wins a prize. Perhaps they can take their pick from two different dinner options or select which TV show to watch next?