Our Favourite Valentine’s Day Movies

For all you young rosy- cheeked lovers out there, the 14th of February marks a day where restaurants are full of perfectly pressed button ups and curated curls celebrating the day of love over a glass of wine or two.

If you happened to miss out on those elusive restaurant reservations or you want your celebrations to be a bit more low-key this year, Pomelo + online has you covered with some Valentine’s Day movie recommendations!

So, grab your partner, your friends, your family or yourself and set up for a successful evening with a good movie, great company and fantastic food.



First up on the cinematic menu is the culinary classic Julia Roberts Film, Eat Pray Love. A guilty pleasure of the Pomelo Team, Eat Pray Love follows the year long journey of a 30 something recently divorced Elizabeth Gilbert (Roberts) who travels the globe to find herself and discovers her love for food – literally. For all the couples that have a flair for the theatrics, maybe you could role play that famous pizza scene with our very own PIZZA KIT!

Who doesn’t want to be Julia Roberts for the day? 


Hello hopeless romantics…. this one is for you, oh and also dog lovers… this one is for you too. The Lady and The Tramp is centred around the meeting of two dogs (who can talk, dance and sing - impressive) who embark on romantic adventures and fall in love. We would recommend watching this movie with some pasta and our delicious Chicken Boscaiola Pasta Sauce... you can thank us later.


We just had to add this romantic comedy cult classic into our list of favourites! All we really have to say is Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan and that deli scene... we’re sure that got your attention. Maybe pair this sweet movie with our Sticky Date Pudding, it is just so delicious that it will make you say, “I’ll have what she’s having”.